Top 10 Free Sylenth1 Presets

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Top 10 Free Sylenth1 Presets

Sylenth1 is a great subtractive synthesizer when it comes to design many sounds without using much CPU and has become one of the most used virtual synthesizers these days. We totally love to work with it and collected a list of free Sylenth1 presets and sound banks for you to take your tracks to the next level.

First of all, we’re offering a free Sylenth1 sound bank, too. So make sure you have an account at Heat Waves and go to Free Downloads to get your free Sylenth1 bank.

Furthermore, the following links from other companies and websites offer also free Sylenth1 presets for you.

1. A Productions Tropical House Tools
This pack is all about love, sun and the beach.

Download: A Productions Tropical House Tools

2. AKNJ’s Sylenth1 Presets for Electronic Music
33 beautiful sounding Sylenth1 presets for you.

Download: AKNJ’s Sylenth1 Presets for Electronic Music

3. The Care Package
This pack comes with 12 Sylenth1 sound banks and tons of new stunning sounds.

Download: The Care Package

4. Drumology Sylenth1 Presets
In this pack, you can find 49 Sylenth1 drum presets.

Download: Drumology Sylenth1 Presets

5. EDM Factory Soundbank
25 sounds inspired by famous EDM artists.

Download: EDM Factory Soundbank

6. EvoSounds Progressive Leads
This a sound bank by the Youtuber Zen World and contains 16 Sylenth1 sounds for your Progressive House tracks.

Download: EvoSounds Progressive Leads

7. JontMusic’s Sylenth1 Pre-Pack
JontMusic has created this pack and you’re getting 30 EDM Sylenth1 sounds for your next Beatport hit.

Download: JontMusic’s Sylenth1 Pre-Pack

8. The Melbourne Bounce Pack
Are you producing Melbourne Bounce? Well, this pack will give you everything you need.

Download: The Melbourne Bounce Pack

9. What About: Free Sylenth1 & Spire presets
In this combo pack, you will get many new sounds for Sylenth1 and also presets for Reveal Sounds’ Spire. Usable for all genres.

Download: What About: Free Sylenth1 & Spire presets

10. Toego Studios 128
128 Sylenth1 presets with many different sounds which will blow your mind.

Download: Tuego Studios 128

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