7 tips To Get SoundCloud Promotion

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7 tips to get SoundCloud promotion

Music is your passion and you’re working every day and night on it to get better. But music is also a business. So you have to do some things to get your music heard by other people. We talked with a few musicians who got famous on SoundCloud and build a list to help you to get more attention on your tracks.

1. All promotional things are just worth it if you’re making good music. In this case, you first need to finish your songs and they should sound awesome. You have a good song when it let’s other people feel something through hearing it. So always try to give your best and the people who are hearing your songs will share it by themselves. This is the first and best way to get Soundcloud promotion because the people will follow you for your skills.

2. Find as many tags as possible to describe your song on SoundCloud. The more tags you have the more it’s easier for other people to find your music. You can use for example genre tags that related to your track or adjectives that describe the mood of your song.

3. Join SoundCloud groups and post your track to them. But be aware many people are doing this and the chance to get more fans through sharing your music in groups isn’t very high.

4. A better way to get more SoundCloud promotion is to build a network or connecting with other producers. You can do this through Facebook groups or other communities. In the most cases, you will find people who are doing the same genre style of music or they will just follow you because they like your music. On this way, you’re meeting new people who can also help you with your music or maybe collaborate with you in the future.

5. Remix a popular song. Remixes are daily searched by millions of people. This can bring you many new listers to your song if the song is currently in the Billboard top 100 charts. It can also be an older tune, but there are in the most cases many other remixes. So try to be the first who remixes a certain track. This can boost up your SoundCloud promotion to the maximum.

6. Use Fan gates. Fan gates like the Artist Onion or Hypeddit are a good option to share your free releases. The people will need to follow you to download your content. This is a good way to gain new followers and shares through the Soundcloud promotion.

7. Never buy it! Some people may use this and want fast attention through buying clicks, likes, comments, or reposts. But this is not the way you want it to have. If the people know that you’re faking your fan base, you will not look good in the future. This has become a massive problem in the music industry. So just don’t do it.

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