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Progressive House, Future House, Tropical House, and Future Bass

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Take a journey into a world of harmonic compositions. 

Surround includes 45 inspiring and beautiful composed midi files construction kits for your intros and hook lines. Furthermore, 100% royalty free. 

Get in love with 135 the best midi files. A good song starts with a good melody. With this in mind, we created a huge collection of midi files. They will give you all the inspiration you’ll need. And make your creative process easier and faster. Stop wasting your time on being frustrated, when your creativity lags. Instead of that use the best midi files on the web to take your inspiration to a whole new level. Feel the creativity in every construction kit. Feel the heat!

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how Surround was made

Surround was made for music producers who just started making music. But it’s also good for people who are more advanced in creating electronic music. Therefore, we created many construction kits with different basslines, chords and an over the top melody for each construction kit. So if you are stuck in creating melodies you can just drag and drop the best midi files into your project and you will get a good point to start your song or expand your project with new melodies. Useable in many genres like Progressive House, Future Bass, and so on. With this midi pack, you can increase your creativity and inspiration to a whole level.

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can i get a refund?

No problem, with our 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
 We truly believe in our work and we are convinced you’ll love it, too!
 Therefore if you don’t agree, we will give you your money back without asking any questions.

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15 Construction Kits

45 Midi Files

100% Royalty Free


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30 Construction Kits

90 Midi Files

100% Royalty Free


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45 Construction Kits

135 Midi Files

100% Royalty Free


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What's inside?

This package includes 135 midi files in all keys from major to minor.

Which genres?

Surround is made for Tropical House, Progressive House, Future House and Future Bass.

Can I get a refund?

Heat Waves has a 14 Days Money Back Guarantee for all of our products! This means you can get a refund without any questions asked if you’re not happy with our products. You need to contact us within 14 days after you purchased the product. If you want to get your refund please contact:

How many times can I download it?

Heat Waves is offering unlimited downloads for all of our products.

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