Initial Audio – Sektor Review

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Initial Audio – Sektor Review

The German synthesizer forge Initial Audio, also known as IgniteVST before their name changed, has released a wavetable synthesizer called Sektor. Initial Audio promises a great sound while having low CPU usage.

We tested it for you and can say that Sektor is really easy to use. You can customize nearly every parameter, the colours of the synthesizer import your own wavetables and create tons of sounds for all known genres. Actually, Initial Audio is known for their Hip Hop and Trap based products but this has an end with Sektor. In addition to the 500 standard presets, Initial Audio released a few expansions for genres like House, Trap, Hip Hop and Melodic Techno which indicates that they want to be more open on the market and not only want to focus on the genres Hip Hop and Trap.

So let’s talk about Sektor. As we already said, Sektor has 500 standard presets, in addition to that Sektor has 200 wavetables and 250 samples which can be used to design new sounds. You’re also able to import your own wavetables and create new ones in Sektor itself.

The oscillators

The synthesizer has two oscillators, a sub oscillator and a sample player. Each oscillator can have up to 16 voices. Also, you can edit the phase, level, semitones, stereo spread, pan and detune in each oscillator. You’re also able to invert the wavetable. With the Morph knob, you’re able to go through the different sample stages of the chosen wavetable. Furthermore, oscillator b also can be modulated with frequency modulation from oscillator a.

The browser

Sektor is very user-friendly. Through the browser, you can easily find the sounds you want to have or create your own folders for self-made presets and categorize them into different subfolders like Leads, Basses, and so on. This makes you find your sounds easy and fast in Sektor.

The sequencer

Initial Audio integrated an awesome sequencer to create new rhythms for your sounds. It has a typical structure of a sequencer and through the ability to edit the speed and the number of steps which are taken in the sequencer, you’re able to create interesting rhythms and grooves.

The filter and effects

Sektor comes up with two filters which can be routed through two effect racks. The effect racks have an equalizer, compressor, panner, chorus, distortion, phaser, delay, reverb and trance gate effect to make the sound even more stunning. You’re also able to change the order of the effects and create interesting effect chains. The filters have a lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch option for 12 or 24 dB / Oct. and can be edited with an ADSR-envelope, drive, cutoff and resonance parameter.

Modulations and LFOs

In Sektor, you can modulate the sound with two ADRS-envelopes,
three modulation envelopes, four expression modulations and four LFOs. With these tools, you can control nearly every parameter in Sektor. If you want to go deeper into the control of the single parameters you can just open up the matrix and do a lot of cool stuff.

The end

All in all, after testing the wavetable synthesizer Sektor from Initial Audio for about two weeks we can say that this synth is a great option not only for Hip Hop or Trap based producers. You can easily modulate the sounds and have a high number of options to create new sounds. For 139$ this synthesizer is totally worth it. Furthermore, you can get it at the moment for only 49$ which more than an awesome price for a synthesizer in that quality range. You can try a free demo version at: Initial Audio – Sektor Demo

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