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Free Foley Library

Foleys are really good for making music and giving your tracks a special sound. If you are looking for a big foley library for free you’ve come to the best place.

For those who don’t know what a foley is:
Foleys are sounds from our daily life like the creak of door, an opened water tap or a breaking glass. They normally get used in post productions for films and videos but they can also be used in music. Many producers are not able to create their own foleys because of missing equipment or other reasons. So we made a list of the best websites where you can download many different foley libraries for your tracks or film productions. These foleys will give you much inspiration for your work and give your tracks a realistic feeling.

  • AudioMicro comes with a small but effective amount of free foleys.
  • Freesound gives you 21 foleys for free.
  • Zapsplat has a big foley library with more than 3000 sounds free to download.
  • Audioblocks delivers a huge collection of free foleys.
  • You can download more than 100 foley totally for free at freeSFX.
  • Soundbible is a site you need. With over 1000 samples you can download a massive foley library for free.
  • Sound Jay offers an excellent collection of various foley samples.
    Sound Jay
  • Hugh Palmer designed 300 foleys totally for free.
    Hugh Palmer
  • Flashkit brings you a foley library of over 7000 different samples for free. You shouldn’t miss this.
  • Free Sound Effects offers a huge collection of foleys.
    Free Sound Effects
  • Soundsnap give you a great selection of different foleys for many categories.
  • Download Free Sound delivers a massive foley library and gives you the option to hear every sample by itself.
    Download Free Sound
  • Get Sounds let you download more than 1000 different foleys.
    Get Sounds

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